SAB183TaunBlackRose    Engineered Taun Black Rose

    Code: EAB-183







Trees up to 45 meters, 0.6-0.9 m diameter, pink for heartwood, sometimes purplish; straight and slightly staggered texture, but also wavy texture, fine structure.

Taun heartwood is reddish-brown or purple brown, sapwood is light red-brown, usually obvious difference between heartwood and sapwood, a little obvious growth ring.

Taun has a golden sheen, no special smell, clear texture, good stability, wear resistant, termite resistant.

Taun is the world's best-known precious species. A little heavy and hard. Medium strength, difficult to crack.

Taun flooring is cost-effective flooring. Its stability is similar as merbau. The biggest feature is its high hardness and good temperature flexibility.


Lumber Origin:  Africa
Spicies: Taun
Width: 5 inch
Thickness: 9/16 inch
Veneer Thickness: 3 mm

Black Rose

Finish: Bona Traffic
Hardness: 1900 lbs


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