Engineered Wood

Floating Installation:
• Engineered wood floors can be installed successfully on, above or below grade level. Engineered wood floors can be installed directly to concrete or wood subfloor.

• Engineered wood flooring can be installed directly to screeds, provided the engineered flooring is a minimum of ¾" thick. For engineered flooring less than ¾" thick, the screed system must be overlaid with proper subflooring.

• Choose a starting wall according to the most aesthetically or architecturally important elements in the room, taking into consideration fireplaces, doors, cabinets and transitions, as well as the squareness of the room. The starting wall will often be the longest unbroken wall in the room.

Glue-Down Engineered Plank:

• Expansion space should be left around the perimeter in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.

• Install a starter board along the edge of the working line and begin installation.

• Use an adhesive approved by the flooring manufacturer.

• If recommended by the manufacturer, use tape or tensioners to maintain a tight floor.

Mechanically Fastened Plank:

• If necessary, add a vapor retarder.

Figure 8-1 Stagger End Joints Figure 8-2 Avoid "H" JointsAvoidHJointStaggerEndJoint
• Top-nail and blind-nail the first row (hand-nail if necessary), using appropriate fasteners.

• Typical: narrow crowned (under 3/8") 1"-11/2" staples or 1"-1¼" hardwood flooring cleats designed for engineered flooring, spaced as recommended by the manufacturer.

• Typical: every 3-4" with staples, every 4-6" with cleats, and within 1-2" of end joints. Use appropriate size fastener for top nailing first row, last row and any area where blind nailer will not fit.

• Gently tap boards flush to the previous row. Tap against the tongue; tapping the groove may damage the edge. To prevent damage to the finish, avoid tapping the face of the board with a rubber mallet.

Floating Engineered Flooring:

• Test the substrate for moisture, if necessary, add vapor retarder.

• Expansion space should be left around the perimeter.

• Floating engineered flooring is edge-glued or edge-attached with a self-locking mechanism.

• For edge-glued products, use an adhesive approved by the manufacturer. Apply adhesive at the spread rate to the side grooves and/or ends as recommended by the manufacturer.

• Starter boards should be aligned with the groove side and end against the starting wall. Tapping block should be used against tongue only.

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