Jobsite Conditions:

  • Wood flooring should be one of the last jobs completed on the construction project with limited foot traffic on finished flooring.
  • The installation should proceed after acceptGradeLevelsance of subfloor/substrate, the jobsite itself – including the ambient temperature and relative humidity at the time of a start.
  • Heating and/or air-conditioning needs to be operating constantly during and after installation.
  • Do not deliver wood flooring to the jobsite or install wood flooring until appropriate temperature and humidity conditions have been achieved. Appropriate temperature and humidity conditions are defined as those conditions to be experienced in the building after occupancy.
  • Concrete slab should be covered 100 percent by a vapor retarder of black polyethylene (minimum 6 mil)
  • Engineered and floating floors can be appropriate for above-grade, on-grade and below-grade installations. Solid wood flooring can be appropriate for above-grade and on grade installations only.
  • Subfloors (wood or concrete) should be checked by a correct method for establishing moisture content. Average subfloor moisture content should be within the range as specified for the product by the product manufacturer.

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