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Oil and soap solution. Oil Refresher is used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher, Natural is typically used for natural oiled and colour oiled floors and Oil Refresher, White for white oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling as addition oil is penetrating into the wood of the floor forming a mat protective layer in the surface.


1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. The floor must be free from dust before treatment.

3. Mix Oil Refresher with lukewarm water – For traditionally oiled floors: 1:20 (250 ml Oil Refresher into 5 litres of water). – For UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors: 1:40 (125 ml Oil Refresher into 5 litres of water). The mixture ratio can vary depending on wear and requirement.

4. Treat with a light wrung floor cloth or mop lengthwise of the floor. Immediately afterwards, dip floor cloth or mob into mixture and wipe the floor with hard wrung floor cloth or mop again lengthwise of the wood. Use two buckets - one with Oil Refresher mixed with water and one with rinsing water. It is recommended to clean an area of approx. 10 m2 at the time. By doing it this way, the floor is exposed to moisture for a short period.

5. Leave the floor to dry for approx. two hours before use.

6. If a light shine is wanted, polish the dry floor with a white pad.



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